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Pricing Update for 2022!

How about FREE? Yes, Team Roping System is now Free to use for Team Roping Associations and Producers.
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We are excited to share some news with you and the Rodeo Community. The Team Roping System (TRS) has been purchased by Rodeo Ready Ltd. (based in Calgary, Alberta). Galen Sonntag, the previous programmer/designer/owner of TRS will remain a partner in Rodeo Ready Ltd. and as part of the plans to take the Team Roping System to a new level of capabilities. We are proud of the past accomplishments and excited to join forces with Arnon Levy, Ross Millar and their team to take the Rodeo administration to a new level. Rodeo Ready now has a programming team in place that is extremely well equipped and has much more capacity than ever before. We are about to produce a next generation edition that will far exceed what the current Team Roping System does. The Rodeo Ready team’s extensive background in technology assures the ability to produce the latest technology in a user friendly manner. This combined with our experience in Rodeo and Equine events should prove exciting.

The first benefit to you is our new pricing model. We will not charge you for using our software.

Team Roping SystemTM

Are you ready to streamline your Team Roping software and administration, improve your website with automatic updates of draws, results and standings?

Here are some of the top features:

  • Mobile responsive display, for tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktops
  • Full members database
  • Online Entry and Payment
  • Draw Generation
  • Progressive Draw Display
  • Progressive Announce Sheets
  • Schedules
  • Results Display
  • Automatic Standings Calculations
  • Intuitive Management Dashboard
  • Online User Guide
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Plug n Play with website systems including custom html/php, Joomla, WordPress, and more

We have worked with several Team Roping associations to develop and test the system. It is now ready to help manage your team roping jackpot events. Let us know when you are ready to begin.

Not Just Team Roping, Other Roping Events

In the few short months that the Team Roping SystemTM has been on the market, we have had a tremendous response. As has come to be expected, each association, each producer, has something a little differnt than the last one. Many producers are running other events besides just pure Team Roping. So we have added some more flexibilty to the system and we can now support other roping events such as:

  • Breakaway Roping
  • Calf Roping
  • Goat Roping

You can reach the good people who run the Team Roping System at:
Email: info@rodeoready.com

Or use our contact form and tell us more about how we can help you.

Team Roping System Features

As our users request new features, we add them for all users to benefit. We believe that by continuously improving our Team Roping System we make the product more valuable and more user friendly. For some, this is a new report. For others it means a new scoring format or a new event type. See below for some of the recent enhancements.

Member Database Management

Your member database is fully accessible, fully editable. Track the membership paid dates, update contact information, membership types, horse names, and other important information. When new members register online, they are automatically added to the member database.

Member Profile

Members can manage their own member profile information, update contact information, renew their membership, view their season earning report, view rodeos and events entered.

Progressive Team Roping Draws

As roping times are entered into the Team Roping System, the system automatically updates several key reports such as the Draw and the Announcer Sheets. Information available to the announcer will include the run order and with each time entered, an update on the time the next team must record to take over first place in the event and the time needed to take the last remaining payout position in the event.


With each roping you add to the calendar, you have the flexiblility to design each event how you like it. You can set the event type includeing:

  • Draw Pot
  • Numbered
  • Slide
  • Round Robin
  • Pick and Draw
Each event has options you can set including number of rounds, order of draw for each round, amount of jackpot for stock contractor, amount of jackpot for producer, amount of jackpot to payout each round, number of holes to pay, percentage of jackpot to pay each hole, and many more settings to customize as needed.

Features Your Members Will Love

Member Online Payment Options

If you have online member payment turned on, your members can make online payments for annual memberhip fees, membership renewals, and fines.

Online Entry and Payment

The online entry system is one of the key components to the Team Roping System. Members can quickly select a rodeo from the season schedule and enter. All the members horses are automatically included on the entry form and they only need to select the event, any carry overs, and side pots. When submitted, if online payment is in use by your association, they can immediately pay for their entries online. The entries are automatically included in the database (including marked paid if payment onine has been made). The entry system checks to ensure that the member is a valid member with a paid membership, tests that proper entry selections have been made, and checks for cuplicate entries.

Draw Event Order

On the request of one of our clients, we have added a new sort order option to the display of events. The rodeo admin can now place the event in their order of occurance to make the online display match the order of events in their printed program.

Automatic Season Standings

As individual event results are entered and payouts are stored, the data is immediately available for the season standings. Just click the button mark the rodeo as official and BRS will automatically add the results of the rodeo to the season standings.

Bulk Email

When a draw or results are posted, or the draw/results become official, the rodeo admin can choose to send a notification to all members. We have built upon this bulk email routine to allow for a custom message to be sent to all the member database, or a selection. The message can be sent to:

  • the entire member database
  • all entrants this season
  • all entrants in a specific event this season

Popular uses of this routine include notifying entrants of an increase in the purse for an event, information about the rodeo venue, and updates to rodeo association information.

Get Started

You can reach the good people who run the Team Roping System at:
Email: info@rodeoready.com

Or use this form to get in touch with the Rodeo Ready Ltd. Marketing team about the Team Roping System. We will follow up with you to gather all additional information required and to answer any questions you might have.

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